Monday, November 07, 2005

One artsy 6 year old.

So far so good. Expectations still low enough to get away with a mediocre birthday party.

The only spectacular part (in my humble opinion) was the cake. I got the idea on the net and whipped it up. Surprisingly easy even with said 6 year old asking every TWO seconds if she can do it. Answer: "No, but you can go to town on the cupcakes." And she did.

Behold the cake:

Did I mention that she is an art fanatic? Anything artsy now wins over anything princessy or Barbie-y which is a humongo step up in my eyes. She has decided to carry a portfolio (pronounced interchangebly fart-tolio and fort-folio) everywhere we go so she can draw whenever the mood strikes her. At the park, at Grandma's house, at church; if the kid doesn't make us millions it won't be for lack of material.

Someone told her once that she was a regular Picasso. She showed considerable interest in this artist so, of course, I ran to the library at the earliest possible convenience - a week later (did I ever say my life was convenient?) and checked out a huge book full of Picasso's works. While wisely skimming through the book to find pictures suitable to show her (I KNOW it's art, but my 6 year old does NOT need to see what is on page 64 thankyouverymuch) she declared, "I can paint like that!" Indeed. Some of the later works she probably could paint almost just like that. I then reminded her of the part in Toy Story where Potato Head jumbles up his face and says, "Look! I'm Picasso!" Amidst her giggles I informed her that she was no longer 'uncultured swine' which of course produced even more giggles. From her too!

Ah, me.

My oldest, my first born. We fight quite a bit, her and I. It turns out she is a little too much like me with the whole stubborn as a mule thing. Throw in a dramatic flair with sensitive, prickly feelings and she can be a handful. But she is also funny, caring, smart (almost too smart sometimes) beautiful and just - good.

I want the world for her but will be happy keeping her to myself (okay I'll share with pre-approved family members- sheesh!) for oh say ten, twenty years.

My little artsy fartsy girl. Happy Birthday. I love you.


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